110 is a basic low cost zone only control system which is suitable for switching zones Open and Closed.


A summary of the features iZone 110 offers are listed below:


Compatible with all leading air conditioning brands

Up to 6 zones available

Add up to 2 wall controllers

Label zone names from a standard library of names

Open zones are identified with a blue LED

Up two zones can be configured as electronic constants.


There is no facility to control the zones via WiFi or automatically via temperature sensors. The iZone 110 does not interface with the air conditioning unit and the installation will require a separate controller for the air conditioning unit. Furthermore iZone 110 does not incorporate airflow control so balancing dampers should be included in the design.


It is not possible to upgrade an iZone 110 system to the iZone 400 series however you will be able to use the iZone damper motors,  zone cables, transformer and CAT 5E cables.





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