The C150 module provides the main processor and communication for the C150-155 six zone control and integrated iZone control.

To see an example of where the C150 is connected into to a typical system click here

Zone ports

Connect the RJ12 cables from the damper motors here. Start at zone 1 and connect sequential ports. ie 1,2,3,4.......etc

Transformer connection

Connect the iZone transformer here. Part number CT24ACM

C225 / CEPC pairing button

The pair button can be used to pair wireless CEPC controllers  as well as wireless sensors CRFS and iZone WiFi bridges (COCB)

AC unit module connector

When used for integrated AC / Zone control an AC module is connected to the C150. This module is a C325. Each different brand of AC unit has its own unique C325 module. To view assembled product please click on this link.

RF antenna

433Mhz antenna is screwed on here. This is used for communication with wireless sensors CRFS and WiFi bridges COCB 

AC unit control cable connection

Connect the shielded, 2 core cable from the AC unit to the C225 here. This is a spring loaded wire terminal see here for specifications

Supply air temperature sensor port

he supply air sensor is plugged into the C225 here. The supply air sensor is only need for systems that have zone temperature controls




Central Processing Unit Specification


Model numbers


Power supply

24VAC 50Hz

Casing material

Fire retardant ABS plastic

Power connection

iZone transformer CT24ACM

Operating Temperature

Up to 65oC

Communications protocols

Wireless 433Mhz (iZone proprietary protocol)

Number of zones

0 to 6 (RJ12 connectors)

O/A Dimensions

Height (Without Antenna)   32 mm

Height (With Antenna vertical) 124mm

Width    119 mm

Length  100 mm


150 g




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