The CEPC is a wireless controller / sensor for iZone 150, 155, 400, 405, and 415 systems. It can also be used as a wireless zone controller on any iZone system

For a typical wiring layout click here






E paper screen

Low power E paper screen

Front cover

Dial / Selector

Rotate the dial to move to the next icon. Press the dial to select the required item.

Back cover

Rubber feet

Rubber feet for use when not mounted on a wall

Mounting holes for wall plate

These holes receive the mounting legs on the wall mount. To hang the controller insert the mounting legs into the mounting holes on the back cover and then slide the controller down. To remove the controller from the wall mount > Slide the controller up then pull forward

Battery Cover

To access the batteries remove the Phillips screw on the battery cover and lift the cover off. 2 x AAA batteries are required

Reset Controller

To reset the controller simply remove and replace one of the batteries.

Wall mount not show

The wall mount is not shown in this image for clarity. See exploded view below


For an exploded view of the CEPC press on this link






Naked Wireless Controller

Model numbers


Power supply

From C150

Screen orientation


Screen graphic options


Power supply

2 x AAA batteries

Communications protocol

iZone 433Mhz proprietary wireless protocol

Operating Temperature

Room temperature

CEPC O/A Dimensions

Height   30 mm (Excludes wall bracket but includes dial)

Width     95 mm

Length  153 mm

Wall bracket Dimensions

Height     4 mm

Width     89 mm

Length  148 mm


  164 g (Excludes wall bracket but includes batteries)





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