The C400FOB is a technician's wireless remote controller for zone only systems. Used when installing iZone 400 and 405 systems


For a typical wiring layout click here


Zone LED

The zone LED will be red if the zone is closed

The zone LED will be blue  if the zone is open

Maximum Airflow for selected zone

When adjusting the Max air flow for a zone the setting will be indicated by a green LED here. If two LEDs are illuminated for example 100% and 90% this indicates that the setting is between the two - 95%

Magnetic mounting plate behind

A magnetic mounting plates is supplied with the C400FOB. It can be adhered to a surface and the controller can be magnetically mounted onto the plate.

Scroll Up

Use this button to scroll up zones or airflow %

Scroll Down

Use this button to scroll down zones or airflow %

Send changes

The changes made will send automatically after a short period of time or to send changes immediately press the enter button

Battery Access

There is a slide in the side of to remove the batteries

Zone selection

Press here to access the zone you want to change

Open Zone

Press here to open the selected zone

Close Zone

Press here to close the selected zone

Change Max Airflow

Press here to access the airflow adjustment for the selected zone

Pair button

Press here to pair the C400FOB to the C225


For an exploded view of the C400FOB press on this link




Zone only wireless remote controller

Model numbers

C400FOB, C405FOB

Power supply

2 x CR2020 coin batteries

Communications protocol

433 MHz, iZone proprietary wireless protocol

Operating Temperature

Room temperature

C400FOB dimensions

Height    8.5 mm (Excludes wall bracket)

Width     56 mm

Length   139 mm

Wall bracket Dimensions

Height     3.6 mm

Width     52 mm

Length  135 mm


 84 g (Includes wall bracket)




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