The CDAK6 is a double adaptor to drive two damper motors to be driven from a single zone port on the C225 or CEXT modules



This is an RJ11 or RJ12 jack for which connects into the C225 or CEXT damper ports

Fly lead

Double adaptor

This converts from 1 to 2 ports

Damper motor ports

Connect damper cables into these ports. Ensure the same type is used as the damper port and C225 ports (RJ11 or RJ12)




Double Adaptor Kit Specifications

Model numbers


Power supply

From C225 (damper motor port)

Casing material

Fire retardant ABS plastic

Operating Temperature

Up to 65oC

Suitable connectors


CDAK6 - RJ12 or RJ11

O/A Dimensions (excludes fly lead)

Height  38 mm

Width   26 mm

Length  64 mm


16 g




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