The CS is a wired sensor used for the control of zone temperatures and air conditioning units on iZone systems. Requires a wired sensor module (CWSM) to connect the wired sensors to the iZone system

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The fascia is moulded from clear polycarbonate plastic wit a colour applied to the back of the fascia to give it a coloured glass look.

The sensors are available in White, Black and Ocean Mist


The button is used to turn the zone "ON" in Climate Control mode or "OFF"

When turned On the button will appear to be blue for a few seconds indicating it has been turned ON (As shown in the picture). The button can remain continuously blue when the zone is in climate control. (This option is selected in the iZone Airconditioning Configuration menu.

When turned Off the button illumination will be turned off.


Backing Plate

The backing plate is made from ABS plastic and the PCB is clipped into the backing plate. Standard colour for the backing plate is white. Black is also available (as shown in the picture)

RJ11 connection

The wired connection is via an RJ11 connector which clips in here. The RJ11 connector recesses into the wall cavity and the hole must be large enough to accommodate the RJ11 connector. Provide insulation around the in the hole to prevent cold air inside the wall cavity from adversely influencing the sensor.


Batch number

Indicates the production batch number for this sensor


Mounting holes

The backing plate mounting holes are designed to suit a standard light switch wall box. If the wall is not perfectly flat do not over tighten the screws as this will bend the backing plate and may result in the fascia not clipping on securely.





iZone Wired Sensor Specification


Model numbers


Power supply


Cable connection

CDC12, CDC25, CDC35, CDC12G, CDC25G, CDC35G

Casing material

Polycarbonate and ABS plastic

Facia colours available - White, Ocean Mist, Black

Operating Temperature

80 to -14oC

Communications protocols

Digital and analogue signals

Communication range

35 meters.

(If the cable length is increase longer than 35 meters the reading will not be accurate)

O/A Dimensions

Height  18 mm (Excludes RJ11 Connector)

Width   72 mm

Length  116 mm


85 g








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