The CRFS is a wireless sensor used for the control of zone temperatures and air conditioning units on iZone systems

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The fascia is moulded from clear polycarbonate plastic wit a colour applied to the back of the fascia to give it a coloured glass look.

The sensors are available in White, Black and Ocean Mist


The button is used to turn the zone "ON" in Climate Control mode or "OFF"

When turned On the button will appear to be blue for a few seconds indicating it has been turned ON (As shown in the picture)

When turned Off the button will appear to be red for a few seconds indicating it has been turned OFF

If the button flashes red/blue/red/blue when pushed it indicates the sensor has not received a confirmation message back from the C225 module.



The sensor antenna transmits the status of the sensor to the C225 module using iZone proprietary 433mHz wireless protocol


Batch number

Indicates the production batch number for this sensor


LED / Button

This is the button on the PCB see "2" above for details



The sensor measures the temperature of the air inside the sensor


Zone Selector

Set the selector to match the zone number that the sensor is located. Zone selection is from 1-14

Set the selector switch to "R" for a remote AC unit controlling sensor


Pair Button

Press the pair button to pair the sensor to the system. See details in configuration on how to pair a sensor


Air circulation holes

It is important that the air circulation holes remain unobstructed to ensure good airflow through the sensor for accurate temperature control

Backing plate

The backing plate is made from ABS plastic and the PCB is clipped into the backing plate. Standard colour for the backing plate is white. Black is also available (as shown in the picture)

Hardware version

This indicates the PCB part number (CRFS) and the hardware version number (1.3)



The CR2032 battery is clipped into the battery holder. To remove the battery requires a small screw driver or similar tool to ensure they are child proof.

The battery should last between 1-2 years before requiring replacement.


Mounting holes

The backing plate mounting holes are designed to suit a standard light switch wall box. If the wall is not perfectly flat do not over tighten the screws as this will bend the backing plate and may result in the fascia not clipping on securely.




iZone Wireless Sensor Specification


Model numbers


Power supply

CR2032 battery

Battery Life

Approx 1-2 years

Casing material

Polycarbonate and ABS plastic

Facia colours available - White, Ocean Mist, Black

Operating Temperature

80 to -14oC

Communications protocols


Communication range

Free field approximately 100 meters.

(In a building the range will vary depending on the wall, roof and furniture materials which the radio signals needs to pass through)

O/A Dimensions

Height  18 mm

Width   72 mm

Length  116 mm


92 g






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