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iZone Smart Home Systems





iZone Pty Ltd reserves the right to change or modify the design, specifications, software, hardware, firmware or Apps at any time without prior written or oral notice.  Images and functions in this manual should be considered as indicative only and may differ from the actual iZone touch screen or Apps


Congratulations on the purchase of your iZone system.


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iZone has been developed in Australia to provide affordable, reliable, automated control of your home or office.


iZone is a scalable control system that can provide basic air-side zoning all the way up to fully integrated air conditioning unit control with individual room temperature control, occupancy sensing, lighting control, security, garden reticulation and power management.


You can begin your iZone journey with a basic system then add to it as funds become available without the need to replace what you have already purchased.


Check out a short video about the iZone Smart home here


The iZone family is shown on the diagram below. Please check with your contractor which parts are available in your area.





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